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​Based upon the design and material selection a BOQ is prepared for the project. This is the time when the design and material selection can be tweaked for managing the budget. The budget prepared on the basis of the BOQ is accurate upto plus or minus 5% in our experience.

​Project Plan

As soon as the Design and the Budget is approved by the client a project plan is made. This plan takes into account all the site work based upon dependencies and all ordering to be done to third parties. The cash flow requirements for the project are based upon this plan and the client has to ensure timely payments as per the plan to ensure timely delivery. We do not finance the project.

SERVICES - Corporate Interiors  (Section Under Development)

Project Planning

Project Management

​The project is managed by a team of project manager and site supervisors based upon the project plan. The project plan includes - release of detailed site drawings, work order plan, procurement schedule, payment schedule, quality parameters. 


One or more designers along with the project manager constantly keeps an eye on the quality of the work and material used and on an ongoing basis. ​

We keep the client in the loop on the actual progress at the site by regularly sharing site photographs and on each major milestone of actual site work, major procurement and completion of sub projects.

Need for Design

Client often know what they “want.”  We use a deliberate design and inquiry process to help uncover what they “need.”   Our job is to help strike a fair balance between “wants” and “needs,” and deliver functional and beautiful offices to our clients for their present and future needs, within agreed time and budget.

Design Process

  • Requirement Gathering

  • Site Measurement

  • Layout Design​

  • Concept Development

  • 3D modelling

  • Material Selection

  • Material calculation for BOQ

  • Site Drawings & Elevations

  • Detailing

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