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There are various well defined Interior Design styles including - Indian, Brutalist, Retro, Neoclassical, Contemporary, Japandi and Bohimian.  Of these, we have shared a quick introduction to the first 5. For each of these you can click "Deep Dive" to see representative images and discussion for Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Kitchen, and Accents.

Yet, you may have a totally different idea of how you wish to design your space.  So, let's meet over a coffee to figure out what excites you and if we can be part of your journey to imagine a dream home or office, help design and deliver it! 



Traditional Indian interior design is associated with use vibrant colours, striking patterns, rich textiles, dazzling use of Brick, stone, metal, and intricate furniture, indigenous arts, ornate glass chandeliers and lamps, hand woven carpets, and a embellished furnishings. The modern-day twist is to reduce the bulk by using sleek lights, thinly framed glazing, slimmer furniture, imported marble, etc., without loosing the uniquely Indian identity!

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