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Is Home automation worth the investment?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Home automation technology allows one to control a host of functions using smart wall mounted controls, tablet, or smartphones. You may consider using it for your home or office if several of the following reasons resonate with you:

Convenience: you are looking to control various elements of your homes including lighting, temperature, and security system - from anywhere using - wall mounted switch boards, tablet, or smartphone.

Energy efficiency: you wish to monitor and control energy usage in your home, potentially reducing your energy bills, especially for air-conditioning and lights.

Security: you wish to monitor and control security systems and cameras from anywhere and potentially connect security cameras with an alarm system.

Automation can be done on both closed and open platform with varying implications for integrating with 3rd party products (lights, fans, curtains, CCTV, Audio / Video). Ultimately, the decision to invest in home automation will depend on your lifestyle, priorities, and budget. We can help you make the right choice for the platform, products and the integration partner...

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